Welcome to the wiki for the Cantello Family

What can the wiki offer us Cantello's?


Please take a look around this site - it is still a work in progress and as an organic site it will always be evolving. I would love to hear from you to give your thoughts as to whether you think this is a good idea that we should continue with. It is very easy to use (it can look and feel a lot better than now, I've just had a play around) and we could start developing this into a great website straight away - so feel free to edit away!

There are a number of reasons why I have suggested we start this site:

  1. It could help us better appreciate, record and share the story that is our family history.
  2. We can use pictures, video and audio - so that makes this a great place to share funny or serious moments alike!
  3. The site brings our story into one place where everyone can access it at any time and add information as they discover it or as things happen. It is a real-time history!
  4. Yet, we can keep it secret and only allow certain people to access the information.
  5. It could also help us stay in better touch and get to know more distant members of our family.
  6. This website is not just useful for us now, but in years to come will be a valuable resource and could be a source of joy for our relatives and descendents.
  7. We can mark special events and special people with a permanent record.
  8. We can maintain and grow our pride for our Cantello heritage!

Take a look and please let me know what you think: moc.liamg|olletnac.yelhsa.lliw#moc.liamg|olletnac.yelhsa.lliw

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